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rbt resident staff

As of January 2022- we welcomed an entirely new production team to RBT, and are so thrilled to have a team that believes in and highlights creativity, inclusivity, safety and equity in the rehearsal process and performances. 

RBT also employs 6 core cast actors for their seasons to serve as resident artists, and is thrilled to have welcomed many returning actors back as guest directors/designers for shows and camps.  

Adam Sahli.jpg

Adam Karal Sahli

Artistic Director, Theatre Manager


Alex Koontz

Lighting Designer/Carpenter

pic 4.jpg

Jarrod Humbarger

Executive Director [RBT & Barns at Nappanee]

Angela 400x500.jpg

Angela Sahli

Costume Shop Manager/Designer


Emma Evenson

Production Manager, Stage Manager


Heidi Beaver

Box Office Manager

Executive Producers 


Christy Stutzman

Executive Producer


Marlin Stutzman

Executive Producer/CFO

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